Bar Soap vs Body Wash: Why Bars May Be Better

Bar Soap vs Body Wash: Why Bars May Be Better

Published by Jen Min Tan on 13th May 2020

Bar Soap vs Body Wash: Why Bars May Be Better

Body wash may be more convenient and less messy than bar soap, but its impact on the environment can be more negative than positive. Bar soap does not transfer germs during washing and has a more sustainable footprint. So how does a bar soap have bacteria on it and yet not spread germs? Simply, washing is a 2 step process. When lather up the oil attracting end of the soap molecule picks up grease and oil on your skin. When you rinse, the water attracting end of the molecules follow the water, letting you rinse the soap molecules and their attached impurities away.

Another often cited advantage of body wash is that it allows manufacturers to add moisturizers. While a complaint against bar soap is that it may be harsh and drying. In fact, there are many varieties of bar soaps in the market that contain glycerin and natural oils that moisturize the skin. These soaps can be just as gentle and mild on the skin, negating any advantage of body wash.

Bar Soap: No Preservatives, No Bottle, Less Energy

Body wash are made with quite a bit of water, they must also include preservatives to keep the product properly maintained. Even though not all preservatives are bad, they still don't provide any benefits for skin washing. Another benefit to the environmental positivity of bar soap is that it does not come in a bottle in most cases also include a plastic pump. Additional, since soap bottles weigh more, extra energy is needed to transport them. The average carbon footprint of bar soap is about a quarter less than liquid soap.

Environmental Impact: Less Water, More Value For Money

Another big difference in using bar soap over body wash is the amount of water. Consumers are paying primarily for water when they buy body wash as that is the main ingredient. On the other hand, bar soaps contain very little water. Instead they are full of oils and butters to nourish and soften the skin. This allows consumers to get exactly what they pay for in the actual effective ingredients of the soap.

In general, bar soap has less negative environmental impacts than body wash. In additional, it uses less energy. That's why many consumers may want to switch up their body washing habits. While it may seen as the old way, bar soap may just be better.

At RIW you can find 2 exclusive and high quality brands of handmade soaps. LOLE'S Soaps and SallyeAnder's Soaps are known for their high quality ingredients and ethical handmade soaps to cater to all your different needs and skin types.


LOLE'S is one of the few artisan soap makers left in the world still producing natural handmade sun dried olive oil soaps. They are a longtime family business who has been producing premium natural soaps for over half a century in Turkey. All their olive oil soaps are cooked in cauldrons for 3 days and sun dried for over 6 months. Despite the higher costs they have not deviate from this method since the beginning, as this is what gives the best quality of soaps to their customers. LOLE'S olive oil is sourced from Mediterranean and Aegean parts of Turkey. Their soaps are authentic cauldron cooked, crafted, hand cut and sun dried to form the finest soaps.

Their soaps are free of 




Synthetic Colour

Mineral Oil and Animal Fats

SallyeAnder's Soap

For consumers who loves essential oil and all natural soaps this is another range to consider. SallyeAnder started in 1982 by Gary Austin and his wife Karen. He was a chef faced with a problem, as his first child was allergic to grocery store soap. He used his culinary skills to produce a simple handmade castile soap. Castile Soap is based on olive oil, not animal fats. His son's skin healed and Gary and Karen realized that there is a large community of people with sensitive skin and other conditions who were in need of their soaps. The SallyeAnder company committed themselves to making ethical, effective and sensitive friendly products that solve their customers' needs. Since then every product decision has been made with one intention, to deliver handmade personal skin and home solutions for all ages that all 100% hypoallergenic and support skin health and vitality.

Their products use - Olive Oil Blends

Pure, Edible Organic Ingredients

The Finest Essential Oils

All products are hand made in the USA. Never tested on animals.

Check out the full range of soaps for LOLE'S and SallyeAnder's on our online store. We are sure you will be able to find one which meets your needs. Better yet why not just get one from each brand and enjoy the benefits they can bring to you and your family! 

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