Advantages of using Natural Sea Sponge

Advantages of using Natural Sea Sponge

Published by Jen Min Tan on 30th May 2020

You may wonder what is so special about Natural Sea Sponges compared to artificial sponges. In this blog we will give a brief introduction to what is a natural sea sponge and what are their benefits and uses.

What Is a Sea Sponge

Natural Sea Sponges are some of the simplest multicellular organisms alive. Sea sponges are referred to as "filter feeders" because they get the nutrients they need by digesting the plankton, bacteria and other organic materials that they filter from the water that passes through the thousands of pores in their bodies, and they eliminate waste the same way. Because sea sponges are capable of moving so much water through themselves so efficiently they are by nature self cleaning, and once processed wash out quickly, easily and most importantly completely. And because they wash out so completely they do not hold onto organic matter that causes odor. In addition, natural sea sponges have enzymes in them that make them naturally anti bacterial, inhibit the growth of mildew and mold and they are also naturally hypo-allergenic and toxin free.

Advantages of Natural Sea Sponge

Natural Sea Sponges are a renewal natural resource that are harvested from the ocean. Natural sea sponges unlike artificial sponges

1. Naturally inhibit the growth of bacterial

2. Environmentally safe

3. More durable, longer lasting, economical

4. 100% biodegradable

5. Sustainably harvested natural resource

6. Will not retain odors and their soft textures promotes a more thorough and less abrasive cleaning

Natural Sea Sponge uses

Many sea sponge uses are many and varied. The most popular uses is for bathing, it is even suitable for children. As sea sponges are not only soft, absorbent and durable, they are also a hypo-allergenic and non toxin solution for cleaning delicate skin. You can even use it on the face as a make up remover. Natural sea sponges can create a thick, dense lather and hold an enormous amount of soap. This makes them an ideal washing tool for the kitchen too. Sea sponges unlike synthetics are naturally antibacterial essentially self cleaning (because of their pore structure) and as a result don't develop the nasty odors normally associated with a kitchen sponge. That is why this makes it a safe and effective cleaning tool in the kitchen.

Sea Sponges are a Renewable Resources

Natural sea sponges have been harvested for centuries and done properly actually is beneficial to the sponge population as a whole. Harvesting sea sponges by cutting them off with a knife rather than "hooking" them by ripping the whole sponge off the bottom actually strengthens their ability to regenerate and extends the lifetime. Cut sponges regrow often healthier and bigger than the original. Over time this harvesting method can dramatically increase the population density and overall health of the sponges being harvested.

There are different types of natural sea sponges. At RIW Home Spa we carry the Brown Honeycombs Sea Sponges. The Brown Honeycombs are more raw and less treated, so they feel firmer to the touch and last longer. They will provide you a natural skin exfoliation by removing the dead skin cells and stimulating the blood circulation. Place your order from our RIW online store and discover for yourself the benefits of using a natural sea sponge.

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